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Liveable Cities, a division of LED Roadway Lighting, is a manufacturer of wireless streetlight controllers, smart city micro-sensors, smart software and energy-efficient LED streetlights.

SmartLinx Software


Video & Traffic

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Lighting Solutions


Smart City Sensors

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Street Lighting Controls

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Why is our SmartLinx solution the best micro-sensors for your urban data collection?

While we could focus on features such as durability, compact sizing, quick installation, lifetime warranty, and technical support, SmartLinx's greatest benefits are the customizable, automated reports, informing better decision making to safeguard your communities. Our goal is to ensure your teams can work efficiently and that your solution scales without hassle as your digital infrastructure grows.


Plug and Play Design

One base.

Several applications



Latest Content

Why Streetlight Sensors Are Vital To Smart City Planning

Smart technology is becoming an increasingly more important part of our lives. Whether it’s the mobile devices we use or how we power our homes, it’s transforming how we engage with the world around us. However, it is also helping to revolutionize urban environments, with tech such as streetlight sensors supporting planners in reducing emissions, lowering energy costs, and improving decision-making.

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