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  • How are the sensors installed?
    Our micro-sensors can be toollessly installed on the streetlight by plugging them into the NEMA socket. For the speed and camera sensors specifically, it does need to be aimed when installed (also a toolless process) and set in place to the base with a locking ring, and we would review how to aim the sensor in a quick meeting with the installer beforehand.
  • Who do we typically work with, in the city?"
    Usually the utility needs to be involved, and often we work with traffic, environment, smart city, innovation, and/or economic development departments.
  • How long do sensors and controllers last, what's the warranty?"
    Our products are built for a minimum of a 10-year life, though in reality we try to design for a 15-20 year life.
  • How long does the installation period take?
  • How do the SLX Micro-sensors differ from other brands' micro-sensors?
  • Once my sensors are installed, can I move them around, or do they have to permanently stay there?"

If you have a question that's not listed and you'd like it answered, be sure to contact us.

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