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The second generation of our streetlights: The NXT was designed with the future in mind. The modular design of NXT luminaires allows users to easily upgrade or replace light engines, power supplies, and surge modules without tools, in less than one minute. Light engines can be replaced in the field as LED efficiencies increase in the future, allowing users to prolong the life of lighting infrastructure, benefit from energy savings, and reduce total life-cycle costs.



  • 12 LEDs 

  • Compact sized luminaire body 

  • 525-1250 mA drive currents 

  • 4000K CCT (Standard) 

  • 3000K & 5000K CCT (Optional) 


  • 12,24,36 LEDS 

  • Small sized luminaire body 

  • 350 -700 mA drive currents 

  • 4000K CCT (standard) 

  • 3000K & 5000K CCT (Optional) 


  • 48, 60, 72 LEDS 

  • Medium sized luminaire body 

  • 350-700 mA drive currents 

  • 4000K CCT (Standard) 

  • 3000K & 5000K CCT (Optional) 


Other features include a 7-pin ANSI C136.41 receptacle, 2 or 4-bolt fitter, an optional house-side shield, and a post-top mounting bracket. Colour temperatures offered are 4000K (standard), and 3000K or 5000K (optional). Luminaires are available in three sizes: NXT-C (12 LEDs), NXT-S (12, 24, & 36 LEDs) and NXT-M (48, 60, & 72 LEDs). 

NXT also gives users the ability to easily change optical distribution patterns and colour temperature (CCT). NXT is ideal for roadway/street lighting, parking areas, bridges, and general outdoor area lighting applications.

Certifications and Awards
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