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Liveable Cities is a division of LED Roadway Lighting Ltd., a Canadian-owned and operated clean technology company. Founded in 2007, we are headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with our primary manufacturing facility in Amherst, Nova Scotia.


Liveable Cities focuses on smart city applications by using advanced sensors and powerful software to produce valuable, actionable insights.

We focus on...

LED Streetlights

Our products’ are well-known throughout the world for their long life, low maintenance costs, and ability to withstand tough environments.


The streetlights’ location and access to constant power creates an opportunity to deploy smart sensors with a wireless connected system.

Smart City Networks

SLX network controllers are modular and “smart ready”, allowing for tool-less installation of various smart city sensors.

SmartLinx Micro-sensing Solution

Our SmartLinx Smart City Platform provides a user-friendly, scalable, and highly configurable tool to manage their smart city applications. 

International Prescence


Our smart street lighting products are used worldwide in over 60 countries. Liveable Cities provides a full solution for smart cities, including LED streetlights, network technology, smart sensors and software.

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