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Our goal is to create positive environmental change through the development of future-proof products and sustainable technology solutions.

Our LED luminaires are designed to provide on-going maintenance savings, long-term energy savings, and a short return on investment (ROI) for our customers. Our environmentally friendly luminaires improve safety and lighting quality while reducing energy consumption, light pollution, and carbon emissions. On average, our LED luminaires provide 60% energy savings versus conventional technology.

Watch a video about the benefits of our streetlights.


SLiQ’s unique integrated controls increases reliability and has a lower optimized cost.


NXT-Lite is utility friendly and designed for roadway applications requiring up to a 400W high pressure sodium replacement.


NXT provides high-end street lighting at lower energy costs.

Dynamic Lighting

Presence based detectors are placed on every street light, utilizing our Data Acquisition Platform (DAP).

Lighting is operated at lower output (e.g. 30% output), and when presence of a person or vehicle is detected, the lighting at the detecting light, as well as its neighbours within broadcast range of the radio, is raised to the target level of output (i.e. 100%). Lighting is always at approved light levels.


Adaptive Lighting

Light levels should be based on hyper-local and real-time traffic conditions. By turning lights with a 100% “dim override” based on increases in traffic volume,
you are operating in lighting conditions reflective current traffic status.


Using our software our lighting is based on evidence and not assumptions.


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